A Platy Post, not a Platypus

25 Dec

Platies are a mainstay of the tropical fish hobby. There are so many colors to choose from. Usually at the fish store they have the different variations in separate tanks. Last year I saw a tank full of nothing but Platies of all different colors and it was awesome!

White sand, green plants and Red Wag Platies. A real eye-catcher created by my nephew.

If you are looking at Platies and Swordtails and Mollies and can’t decide which one to get for your tank, take this into consideration. The Mollies will be disease prone if you have a completely freshwater tank, they prefer brackish water. The Swordtails can be a little feisty sometimes and are definitely jumpers. Every aquarist who owns Swordtails will find a dried-up Swordtail laying on the carpet someday.

The Platies are peaceful, active and breed readily. If you have some places for the babies to hide some may survive. If you decide to get Platies, the recommendation is always to get 2 or 3 females for every male. One male will chase a single female all day. The person at the Petstore should know how to tell the difference. If not, good grief what is the world coming to.

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