Flourite substrate for plants…it works

16 Dec

I bought a bag of Flourite substrate with the idea of growing a jungle-like tank of Vallisneria. The Flourite is expensive, about a dollar per pound. I bought a 15 pound bag of the Red Flourite. By the way, Flourite is a clay-based, iron-rich gravel-like material. I don’t think it leaches into the water, at least not very much. It helps the plants that are able to get their roots around it.

In a 29 gallon tank I poured in a layer of  natural landscaping rocks, then added a layer of about 10 pounds of the Flourite . I  finished the bottom with small gravel and a few handfuls of fine sand , and also an area of bigger rocks.

The reddish-colored rock is the flourite.

I bought two bunches of Vallisneria, which separated into about 10 plants.

Vallisneria makes new plants by sending out "runners".

It worked! Almost too well.


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