Tiger Salamanders

15 Dec

No, not in the fish tank. In a terrarium. I told you I would get off-topic once in a while with my other pets!  I have two Tiger Salamanders, and this photo might give you the impression that they are a thrill to keep.

OK I got your picture, go back and hide now.

But they are of a group of salamanders known as Mole Salamanders, because they spend most of their life underground. If you give them a proper home, they will show their appreciation by digging underground and almost never being seen.  I must say they are easy to care for. I feed them earthworms or crickets a few times per week. Keep them in cool place, 70F degrees or less, put in dirt and leaves and moss and a water dish, mist the tank every few days, keeping the substrate lightly moist, and there you have it,  Salamander heaven.

Don’t forget to clean the tank occasionally, a small tank every few weeks, a larger tank may go months before it needs a complete overhaul. Change the water in their dish frequently, at least every other day. They may come out at night and lay in it.

Tiger Salamanders live a long time for such a small creature. Mine are about 5 years old, and they can get to 15 or even 20 years. That’s a lot of worms.

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