Kuhli Loaches are cool

15 Dec

The skinny little Kuhli Loach is a great addition to your community aquarium.  Some people do not like them because of their snake-like appearance but remember, they are a fish and need love too!

Another bad impression people have is that the Kuhli Loach hides all of the time, only coming out at night. I think that is what makes them so interesting. Other fish swim around, back and forth, all day, while the Kuhli Loach sleeps under his rocky hideaway. Then, toss in a few sinking shrimp pellets, the Kuhli comes out,  gets all excited and finds the pellets. Dinner!!

If you buy one Kuhli Loach and your tank is bare except for a corner filter on the bottom, the Kuhli Loach will hide all day under the filter. The MORE hiding places he has, the MORE you will see him. Sounds strange but it is true. He will come out and move from place to place searching for food. When you have more than one Kuhli they may all gather under one flat rock, then one will poke his head out, then one will dash out an inch or two, then they all come boiling out of there!

Buy a few little Kuhli Loaches.  I see the Black Kuhli Loaches on sale at Petsmart all of the time. Don’t buy just one. This is important, you can really see that they like to be together . PLEASE buy at least two. I have four and when I toss in their pellets they all come tumbling and squirming out to eat.

Just think, if you were a skinny little snake-like fish wouldn’t you need a friend or two?

Have I mentioned to buy them in groups? I promise you will be glad you did!


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