Dang it, fooled again!

14 Dec

Why why why do fish stores sell plants for your aquarium that are not truly aquatic?  Sure, they can live a few months in an aquarium but they will die and then you have to go back to the fish store and buy more and…wait… a… minute… I get it now!

Anyway, tonight I stopped in at our Local Fish Shop. Their plant selection is normally poor, but you never know. Tonight I spotted a bright green leafy plant with brand new roots shooting out from it’s stems. This plant was labeled Green Hedge, $2.29.

I bought a bunch. I got home, opened the bag and planted a bit in one of my Angel tanks.

Looks nice huh?

Here I am holding the plant up by it's lowest section. A water plant would not stand up like this. A water plant does not need to stand up. It lives in water! Green Hedge is not a water plant.

THIS is a water plant. Hold it and it flops over.

I am probably generalizing a bit here, as I am sure some aquatic plants have strong stems but for the most part you can avoid buying land plants for your aquarium if you give them the Flop Test. As usual I did not take my own advice. I will be planting this little plant in some dirt and putting it under the fluorescent lights with our other LAND plants.


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