Saltwater snails that reproduce

12 Dec

I wanted snails for my Saltwater tank. I went to our local fish store, I also went to Petco. They mostly sold Turbo Snails and Astrea Snails. I bought snails at both places.

The snails get old and die or, even worse, they flip over and can’t get back upright, and they die that way. A slow starving death.

I went to a local aquarium shop that SPECIALIZES in saltwater. I asked the owner if there are any saltwater snails that reproduce in the home aquarium. He said no, and I resigned myself to buying the snails he was selling. As I purchased them he actually laughed and said he sold a thousand per week. I bought 5.

Buying snails only to watch them slowly perish seemed wrong somehow.

I was given some Caleurpa and Chaetomorpha (these are plants) from a local aquarist. After a few weeks I noticed some little baby snails in my tank. Months later, I have about 10 dime-sized snails, and I am hoping they reproduce sometime soon.

I think the idea of buying snails that fall over and die is ridiculous. “Buy more because they are cheap”, seems to be the general idea but I cannot do it.

I am in search of the exact species of these snails and I will update this post as soon as I have that information.


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