The best fish ever…Corydoras Catfish

10 Dec

There are many species of Corydoras Catfish. I have 8 Green Cories, 3 Skunk Cories, 2 Albino Cories, and a Three-stripe Cory.

They are the most hardy fish I have. When I had a major Ich (parasite) outbreak all of my Cories survived.

When I feed my fish I always drop a few sinking pellets down to the Catfish. They need to have a good diet just like your other fish. Some people still believe the Catfish are just poo-eaters and act as a filter for your tank.  Look, they eat and they poo just like all other fish. The difference is that the Cory searches for food in the gravel and stirs it up and breaks it apart so that the plants can absorb it and the filters can catch it.

Corydoras swim in schools and in the home aquarium they are constantly searching for food and tumbling all over each other.  They usually sell for about 4 or 5 dollars each but they are worth it. They live along time, easily 5 years and as much as 10 years.

Keep them in small groups and feed them with food that sinks down to them, they will reward you with years and years of trouble-free life.


One Response to “The best fish ever…Corydoras Catfish”

  1. Hieronymo December 16, 2011 at 10:31 am #

    Hee hee. I love these little guys.

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