It’s Always Something…

1 Dec

…and today it is something good. My Gold Angel and one of my Marble Angels have spawned in their community tank. I don’t have any tank space right now to move the parents or the eggs but when Angelfish pair off and start spawning they do it every few weeks.  Maybe sometime soon I can get a small tank ready and save some of the eggs.

I’m no Angelfish expert and there is tons of information about Angelfish breeding on other Internet sites.  On this blog I will continue to say that these things are key for ALL fish:

1. Clean water…decent filtration and make routine water changes of a MINIMUM of 20% every 2 weeks.  Try to do more than that.

2. Variety of foods….good dry food, some frozen shrimp, some algae pellets and shrimp pellets.

3. A naturalistic environment…some plants, some wood, with sand or gravel, rocks, even dead oak leaves, these all give the fish a sense of security.

Do these things and when you come home from work  your Angelfish will be laying eggs.  Simple.

December 1,2011 these two big beautiful Angels have laid eggs on the branch.


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